Week 5 – Naked Cycling, Russian Trip Plans, and Sleeping on an Island

This week we trained for our First Aid level 01, presented our Russian Trip plans to the rest of the group, went bird watching, did some orienteering, had a small toaster fire and went on a fishing trip to local island where we camped the night. Oh and there was also some hilarious nudity.


Tuesday night was one of the most memorable nights… We were having a nice relaxing sauna after a busy day training for our First Aid level 01 qualification. As usual we had a couple of swims during the sauna, hobbling back as quickly as possible on the sharp stones underfoot. We had wedged the door open with a broom to ensure we could get back in. On this particular trip back, I had a plan, so I picked up the pace (from a excruciatingly slow hobble to a slow amble) inching past the others at a snail pace, running in just before them and slamming the door behind me, locking them out  – ‘Absolute classic trick’ I thought.

After a couple of minutes of joking, them shouting at me, me laughing, them laughing, them shouting some more and getting genuinely angry after the joke had worn off and the cold was nipping at their butt cheeks. I realised I couldn’t open the door! Nooo, it was past 10pm, the time you’re usually allowed to stay in the sauna till, so I thought the lock must have automatically closed the door!? I wasn’t sure, I was trying to explain that I couldn’t open the door – they thought I was being sarcastic and lying of course.

After a brief discussion they left me alone, choosing to cycle back to the house, naturally completely naked, on 30 year old ladies bikes – an important detail to get a full picture of just how ridiculous they looked. En route they bumped into some of the younger, forestry students playing basket ball. The nudes tried to avoid being seen by the boys, so went a slightly longer route, around the back of the basketball court – this backfired and meant they saw them twice – making it look like they were doing some kind of eccentric naked vintage bike race. I was sat in the sauna, pretty happy that I had pulled the joke off – in fact it went much better than planned, they had to cycle home naked. But, ultimately, the sauna door wouldn’t open again till 4pm the next day, and the prospect of spending 18 hours in a sauna wasn’t so appealing.

So on the off chance, I thought I would try the door again, just to see if it was indeed locked. This time it opened! Turns out I was turning the lock the wrong way before opening. Oops! They are planning their revenge.

The rest of the blog is more of a pictural journey. I will go into further detail for some of the below topics in future posts – such as the food planning, preparation and recipes for trips and gear lists.

First Aid TrainingIMAG4694IMAG4710IMAG4707

Geographic Coordinate PracticeIMAG4720

Nature Knowledge, Orienteering & Bird WatchingIMAG4739IMAG4745alder buckthornIMAG4758

Fishing TripIMAG4768IMAG4780 IMAG4784 IMAG4779_BURST010 IMAG4785IMAG4790IMAG4793 IMAG4802_1

Beautiful Day for Hitch HikingIMAG4808

Hitch Hiking Heaven! IMAG4818_BURST004

Saturday Night CampingIMAG4831IMAG4830

Russian Trip to Paanajärvi National Park

Me and 3 others were in charge of planning the trip to Paanajärvi national park in Russia. Me and Osma were specifically in charge of figuring out the food plans for the whole group for the 10 days away. A lot more work than we anticipated as we had to figure out the daily totals of carbs, proteins and fats along with price and weight and also produce a shopping list and menu. Cost-wise, the aim was to keep to a 6 Euro per person per day. Somehow we managed to get the vegetarian options to 5.80 and the meat options to 6.10, not bad!

Food planning and preparation is a topic I will go into in more detail in the future, as it is really useful for planning personal trips and ones for clients. The Back Packing Chef website was really helpful tool for expedition food planning and drying food. Below is an example of one of the days we planned with all the nutritional values. Not something that is always needed, but interesting and useful to make sure you are getting everything you need nutritionally over the day 9 (nuts and seeds were left out due to several people having allergies). However, we strongly recommended individuals take a personal nut stash as they are so high in fats and proteins. There’s also some pictures showing our attempts at food drying tonight – we have done this to lower the weight in our packs. Also, we made some homemade flapjacks for the Russian trip.

Food Plan Day 04

Food PrepIMAG4832IMAG4836IMAG4838IMAG4840IMAG4844IMAG4845IMAG4846

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