Spoon 02 of 52 – The Wiggly Snail Shell Sugar Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

Week 2

We’ve already jumped into the second week of the year, new year’s resolutions eagerly skipping by our sides, hand in hand, looking longingly into our eyes. I wonder how long this relationship will last, I guess this is considered the honeymoon stage. For some this means abstaining from alcohol for others it means sweating it out in the gym and sticking to a silly diet etc etc…. For me however, that means making another spoon, 1 a week, for a year, not such a bad resolution I’d say.

I’ve given this one the catchy title of wiggly snail shell sugar spoon. I think the wood is aspen, but can’t be sure, anyone know? Early on in the whittling process I nearly snapped off the head and was close to giving up and throwing it away. Glad I persevered. Enjoyed making this spoon, definitely learnt a lot and couldn’t even see the grain till I sanded it and oiled it, came up a treat! 2 down 50 to go.

4 thoughts on “Spoon 02 of 52 – The Wiggly Snail Shell Sugar Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

  1. Hey Chris!

    Love the spoons man, they look amazing. I’d like to buy spoon 02 please! If it’d be easier to meet up, we should definitely do that! Well done buddy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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