Spoon 03 of 52 – The Long Thin Slightly Bent Spice Spoon in Silver Birch

Can you believe it is the third week of the year already? I no longer work in weeks now, just spoons. We are now on spoon 3 of the year – A long thin slightly bent spice spoon – that seems to be bending more each day. I think it might be the knot in the wood that is causing this but who knows… Again made from aspen… I think? A real challenge to make and again nearly ruined it right at the end with a slip of the knife.

It’s worth mentioning the inspiration for this project came from a similar but much more ambitious project called 365 spoons. If you haven’t figured it out already, the mad man at the wheel of this project carved a spoon every day for 2014. A great idea with some incredible spoons made in the process, click the link above to see some of his handy work.


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