Spoon 05 of 52 – The Long Bucket Shaped Sweet Shovel in Silver Birch

Spoon No 05 of 52. A long bucket shaped sweet shovel made from aspen. I’ve actually been working on it here and there over the last 2 weeks, shh don’t tell anyone. It took an age to make and was a real test of patience. The skin on my thumbs is hard and blistered after whittling this monster. I got inspiration for the furrows (the wavy bits) in the spoon mouth from some other designs I’ve recently seen, so tried to replicate this effect using a small chisel. I’m almost certain the first thing my mum would say would go along the lines of “It looks nice dear but I bet it’s a bloody nightmare to clean!”.

Spoon 5

3 thoughts on “Spoon 05 of 52 – The Long Bucket Shaped Sweet Shovel in Silver Birch

    • Thanks. Your blog looks interesting. Where to start.. I would try in a bit of birch or similar wood as it works well and isn’t too hard, but equally you could try a softer wood like pine or spruce. And for the first spoon just try something simple, a classic design. Maybe even use one from your kitchen as a guide. Then draw it up and just go for it I would say. You will learn most of what you need from making it. And get a hook knife to make the spoon head.

      Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote a while ago, might help… https://chrismountadventures.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/how-to-make-a-spoon/

      I hope it turns out well, good luck 🙂

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