Spoon 6 of 52 – The Weird Pointy Yogurt Spoon in Spruce

Week 6 spoon B

Just realised I didn’t post my spoon from last week. I did make it last week, honest.

I wasn’t intending on this being the 6th spoon. I started it about 5 months ago, not finishing it and leaving it on my windowsill. I thought I would finish it this week and keep it as a ‘backup spoon’ in case I was too busy. Turns out I wont have time to make another one this week, so this one slyly crept in there.

It looked nothing like this at the start of the week because I snapped most of the head off by accident. The spoon head was originally made using an ember from the fire. To do this you simply put the ember where you want the depression to be and blow on it till the concave spoon shape forms. You can still see some discoloration in the base of the spoon head from this. Not sure how I feel about this spoon, but here it is.

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