Spoon 15 of 52 – The Spikey Ice Scraper Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

Spoon 15

This is last week’s spoon, I am falling behind schedule! Again in silver birch heart wood – seem to have quite a lot of that hanging around and it’s lovely to work with. A sharp, spikey spoon that doesn’t really fit in your mouth, is an urgonomical disaster and culinary-wise not much use for anything. On the upside, you can use it to de-ice your car window and as self-protection against vampires.

I don’t know where this idea came from, I was going to just made an ‘ordinary’ spoon, one you can actually use to eat with. But whilst drawing the design onto the wood it just didn’t feel right. So from there I just ended up drawing a triangle, and this is how it ended up.


Even though I hadn’t thought this shape through particularly well in my head, it’s curious to see how many design changes happen along the way. Goes to show how important the actual crafting of an item is to the design, you can only do so much in your head and on paper – it’s during the making process that you realise what does and doesn’t work visually and functionally. In this case functionality doesn’t seem to be so high on the agenda.


3 thoughts on “Spoon 15 of 52 – The Spikey Ice Scraper Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

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