Spoon 22 of 52 – The Necklace Spoon in Pine


Made this little number as an anniversary present for my lady. I’ve nearly finished studying out in Finland now, but came back for a friend’s wedding, which happened to be on our anniversary too, nice coincidence.

It’s made from a dead standing pine found right in Northern Finland in Lapland. The tree was located on the edge of a bog where the soil nutrition is poor and because of the long harsh winters the growth of the tree was extremely slow. This is perfect for carving, as the usually soft pine is dense and strong.

Although the trunk wasn’t much bigger than the thickness of my wrist, it was approximately 100 years old or more. And it could have been standing for 30 years or more once it was dead. I was using it for firewood but had to keep some for making spoons as it was so beautiful.





3 thoughts on “Spoon 22 of 52 – The Necklace Spoon in Pine

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