Spoon 24 of 52 – The Kuksa Spoon in Silver Birch Burl – PART 1

Nimetön-2Okay, so it’s a cup. But, this has been an ongoing project and I wanted to include it in the 52 spoons project. A cup is basically a big spoon anyway. This project has been sat on the shelf for months before I finished it a few days ago. I am not going to go into too much detail with this one as I am tight on time, and want to show the process from start to end – which I will do in another post.

It’s been a real challenge and the skin on my hands is like an old boot after working this. This is a special piece of wood, from a special part of the tree – the burl. And the story of how this wood came into my life will also be explained in the next post. So in true illusive fashion I am only showing these dark photos I took of the cup a few nights ago.


May Microadventure – Sleeping on an Island


We borrowed two of the schools kayaks, loaded them up with our gear, carried them to the lake and set off with the intention of commandeering an island. The British and German navy teaming up for a small weekend adventure. The air was moist and damp, a threatening array of clouds circled in all directions and the wind spontaneously slapped you every now and then – the weather felt more British then Finnish.

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Spoon 23 of 52 – The Paella Server in Silver Birch

Spoon 23 - The paella spoon in silver birch This spoon was sourced and made on a recent study trip to Junfruskär island, a national park located in the archipelago to the south-west of Finland. Our class has a yearly agreement with the park, and for 3 half days of work we can stay on the island for free. When we were not working we spent the rest of the time exploring the island studying the bird and plant life, preparing for the upcoming exams. Continue reading