Spoon 23 of 52 – The Paella Server in Silver Birch

Spoon 23 - The paella spoon in silver birch This spoon was sourced and made on a recent study trip to Junfruskär island, a national park located in the archipelago to the south-west of Finland. Our class has a yearly agreement with the park, and for 3 half days of work we can stay on the island for free. When we were not working we spent the rest of the time exploring the island studying the bird and plant life, preparing for the upcoming exams.

On one of the days we were preparing firewood from some recently felled trees. I had noticed a couple of pieces that had interesting patterns on them made by some kind of wood boring beetle. I had to search for a while to find a bit that had the full pattern, some being incomplete or damaged. This pattern is actually made by many beetle larvae, the black strip in the middle is where the larvae is laid and the wiggly lines are each individual tracks taken by the larvae before growing into a beetle – notice how the lines get thicker as the larvae grows.

The beetle did the majority of the work for me, all I had to do was make a spoon around it. Annoyingly I didn’t take many progress photos of this one, but the pic below shows my workshop for the week. IMAG7482

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