May Microadventure – Sleeping on an Island


We borrowed two of the schools kayaks, loaded them up with our gear, carried them to the lake and set off with the intention of commandeering an island. The British and German navy teaming up for a small weekend adventure. The air was moist and damp, a threatening array of clouds circled in all directions and the wind spontaneously slapped you every now and then – the weather felt more British then Finnish.

The island wasn’t far, and it didn’t take us long to get there. We unloaded some of our gear, and then continued to paddle, exploring the other side of the island and some others in the area.


We returned to our island for the night and set about getting on shore. Johannes quickly docked the kayak and hopped out effortlessly. I pulled up to the same place, and started to ease myself out of the kayak. It started floating away from the shore, so I re-positioned, and tried again.. This continued several times – the boat drifting away. I thought I would give it one more go before trying another spot. Then on my final attempt the same thing was happening, as I was coming out of the boat the stern (back) of the boat was drifting away. This time however I thought I was in control, I was edging out the boat, thinking about making a leap for shore. I don’t even know what happened next, all I know is that in the most pathetic, slow motion capsize you’ve ever seen – I lost control and gently rolled the boat – plopping out of the cockpit into the water. I think my face spoke a thousand words and the glances exchanged between me and Johannes were of surprise and laughter (He did the majority of the laughing, if not all of it I might add). Not ideal.


Soaking wet I quickly got onshore and set about changing into dry clothes. Johannes put his wilderness skills into practice and started to make a fire to warm me up. After the initial shock and a few minutes of shuddering I was in a set of dry clothes, warming up next to the fire. Not so bad after all – pretty dam glad I brought a spare set of clothes in a dry bag.


During the evening the clouds ambled away and the skies cleared. We ate dinner as the sun went down and sat around the fire chatting. Seagulls and terns came and went and pairs of whooper swans flapped by, squawking like circus clowns as they passed. We fished a little, but with no luck. We went to bed with the satisfaction of successfully capturing our very own island for the night.



IMG_8719 IMG_8723

Microadventure calender may

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