Spoon 25 of 52 – The Finnish Midsummer Spoon in Pine

IMG_9445This spoon was made whilst hosting some friends from the UK. We paddled on Lake Äurejarvi for 2 days and walked through Seitseminen National park for 2 days, then a couple of days in Helsinki. During the evenings of the canoe and walk we found some time to make a spoon each. It also happened to fall during the mid point of the year – midsummers. Generally during this time the Finns gather in their summer houses and celebrate.

I went for this little number in pine, and for the first time the final product actually looked quite similar to how I pictured the spoon before carving it, well nearly. It’s a bit carefree, a bit wobbly, not oiled, but I quite like it.
I split a nice bit of pine and it had a nice twist in it. I then thinned it down and sketched on a design. This spoon came together much quicker than the rest, perhaps it was the added pressure of carving in front of my friends that increased my speed… Who knows. I would spent a little time each evening doing it. One evening we all turned to spoon carving instead of chatting to two very drunk Finnish men who were at the same camping area. Who’s behaviour was more weird I do not know.. but in between their jokes about murdering us and dragging us to their chevvy we whittled away.
My friends all made their first spoons too, and they were bloody impressive for their first attempt – I was well impressed. Way better than my first spoon.

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