Spoon 26 of 52 – The Estonian Midsummer Spoon in Silver Birch

Spoon 26

I have slipped into old ways and I am a week behind with my spooning. I actually got this bit of wood from the Tiido family, who I stayed with in Parno in Estonia. They kindly put me up whilst I was hitchhiking back from Finland to London two weeks ago, I’m not sure I would trust a hairy smelly hitchhiker like myself.


On the evening I stayed round it also happened to be during the time of Estonian midsummer – (they celebrate it a few days after the Finns). This worked out perfectly and meant I could celebrate the midpoint of the year twice. So, rather than just letting me stay over, they also treated me traditional Estonian cuisine, live music from the Estonian legend Ivo Linna, a tipple of alcohol and true Estonian humour which is too rude for this blog! It usually rains for midsummers so I am told, and this year was no exception – it was raining cats and dogs and blowing a gale. But this didn’t deter them and they were out in their masses to celebrate.



When leaving their house the next day I noticed a huge collection of wood outside and asked if I could have a bit. So after searching around for a while I found a big flat bit that looked as if it had spoon potential. I didn’t get to finish during the hitchhike as I spent so much time travelling, not having any spare time for whittling – so I finished it last week whilst staying at my lady woman’s place in London whilst watching the Tennis and drinking tea, could it be more English?.



The wood was bloody hard, and without an axe at the moment I decided to make a chunkier spoon as it was easier (the axe is really useful in the early stages for forming the general shape of the spoon, as you have much more power with it). The result is a chunky-hard-as-nails spoon that could also be used for knocking people out.



But overall I am happy with how it turned out. I was trying to make the top flat, but it was so knotty I gave up and went with the wood instead, creating a wavy surface on top, which serves as an accidentally ergonomic hand grip. All my sandpaper is trashed too so it took me an age to smooth it down.

Next essential purchases: an axe and sandpaper!




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