Spoon 28 of 52 – The Right Handed Wavy One in Grey Alder


I’m still a few weeks behind but finished this curvy one last week. A Frenchman named Thierry chose this bit of wood for me… He picked it up from a log pile and said ‘this will make a good spoon’ – at the time I wasn’t that interested but took the wood anyway out of politeness.

The curve in the wood was barely changed, that’s what it was like after being split. Glad I kept it as it turned out much better than I could have imagined. Beautiful bit of wood and makes a nice change going with the ebb and flow of the wood. There was a nervy moment where the wood split, but I managed to work around this.

For about 3 weeks I have been without an axe, due to coming back from Finland and not getting round to getting my own one. After selling a load of old drum stuff on ebay I treated myself to a Robin Wood Axe. It is bloody amazing, but more about that in another post. See below some pics of the process for this spoon.



IMAG7849 IMAG7867 IMAG7868 IMAG7882 IMAG7885 IMAG7886 IMAG7893 IMAG7894 IMAG7896 IMAG7900

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