Spoon 30 of 52 – The Hummus Serving Spoon in Lappish Pine

Spoon 30

This is from a bit of wood that I smuggled back into the UK from Finland, its from one piece of a suitcase full. Each bit of wood with a different charm, hence the reason for transporting them 1000s of miles home. This is the third spoon from this particular tree – an ancient dead standing pine that I was using for firewood whilst on a 10 days solo ski through Finnish Lapland. The other spoons were: The Three Bear’s Porridge Spoon and The Necklace Spoon. The beauty of this pine is that is has grown so slowly due to the conditions it was in – high in the North of Lapland where the Winters are long and harsh and the summers are short, bright and relatively hot with poor soil conditions. This means that the wood grows very slowly creating a hard, close grained pine.

This spoon, I use the word spoon loosely was made quickly last night and finished this evening. I am away for the weekend and didn’t want to fall another week behind on my spooning. It was nice to carve, and much easier than the previous weeks. I tried to carve using the natural curve of the wood and decided to leave the bark on the outside.

IMAG7965 IMAG7988 IMAG7979 IMAG7986


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