June Microadventure – A Finnish Midsummer Island Adventure

DSC_0139My June Microadventure was spent with friends from the UK on an Island that from a bird’s eye view looked like a penis. It was actually a few days before midsummers in Finland, but the night was so beautiful, long and otherwordly that it felt like the true midsummers this year for me. (The actual midsummers was spent at a laavu in Seitseminen National Park with 2 random Finnish guys who were out-of-their-minds drunk).

Midsummer is exactly what it sounds like, the halfway point of the year, where the days are long and the nights are short. The further north you head the longer the days, and here the sun rose at roughly 03:42 and set at 23:09, meaning throughout the night it felt like twilight.




Some friends had come over from the UK to experience the Finnish lakes and forests I had the pleasure of being a part of for 10 months. On this particular evening we were navigating the lake system of Lake Aurejärvi and found the perfect place to stop, a small island covered in trees.




Whilst setting up camp and attempting to whittle some spoons, the winds dropped right down, the clouds parted and the sunset started and seemed to never end, dissolving deeply into the night. It was the kind of sunset that wrapped up around you like a blanket, where you couldn’t help but gaze longingly at it, almost feeling as if you could run your fingers through it, taste it.

IMAG7552 DSC_0130 DSC_0137 DSC_0132 IMAG7554


At midnight, we decided to slip out onto the lake for a mesmerizing paddle. The water was calm, and the golden hues of liquid sunset were parted by the bow of the boat and the paddles. It gave the impression of soaring through the sky, floating in mid air. A truly memorable night, with great friends.


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