Spoon 31 of 52 – The Cinnamon Spoon in Finnish Juniper

Spoon 31I couldn’t think of a name for this one, so decided to go with the Cinnamon Spoon. This was made over a few evenings last week. I was going to make one in Apple but it was so hard I decided to leave it for another day when I had more time. This juniper felt like butter compared to the Apple and came together quickly. I have already used some of this juniper for Spoon 17 – The Japanese Sushi Server in Juniper (I have later realised that they don’t use spoons in sushi).

I found the Juniper on the edge of a farmers field whilst on a walk with some friends. It had been cut down for some time, but left upright, so other than a rotten bottom it was well seasoned. Not missing a chance to acquire some new wood I carried it all the way home.


Lots of knots in this one. I was going for very precise straight edges, but after working round the knots it became a bit of a wobbler. Didn’t like it at first but it has now found a place on my wall.





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