Spoon 35 of 52 – The Salt Spoon in Yew


I am not sure about the use of this spoon, so went with a salt spoon. It could be used for adding spices to a sauce of something. It is made from a bit of Yew I found in a pile at my Mum’s house. This pile of wood found its way there from my Granddad – giving some of the wood to my mum, for her fire! Can’t be having that, so I took a couple of pieces for spoon making.

It is beautiful wood, a coppery colour in the centre with a light ring around the edge. Once I had split the wood there were also sections of purple around the knots, perhaps from the minerals that the wood was absorbing. After a quick internet search it seems that iron rich soils tend to turn yew purple.

I thought I would make a small spoon, as I had seen a few recently. It was actually trickier than expected and smaller does not mean quicker and easier to make. The spoon head was deep and tough to sand smooth, and generally it was a little fiddly. The wood split like a dream, and carved nicely – it was hard but worked quite easily. The knots on the handle were a pain to get smooth using the knife, so had to smooth with sand paper quite vigorously. There will be some more spoons from this log for sure.

IMAG8511 IMAG8510


IMAG8514 IMAG8515 IMAG8516 IMAG8517

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