Spoon 36 of 52 – The Blini (Miniature Pancake) Flipper in Lappish Scot’s Pine


This is the fourth spoon from a special bit of pine sourced from the North of Finnish Lapland. The wood is incredible, it is dense yet workable, has a rich creamy colour, a distinct grain and an almost magical quality to it. Quoting myself, below gives a bit of background info on the tree.

“It’s made from a dead standing pine found right in Northern Finland in Lapland. The tree was located on the edge of a bog where the soil nutrition is poor and because of the long harsh winters the growth of the tree was extremely slow. This is perfect for carving, as the usually soft pine is dense and strong.

Although the trunk wasn’t much bigger than the thickness of my wrist, it was approximately 100 years old or more. And it could have been standing for 30 years or more once it was dead. I was using it for firewood but had to keep some for making spoons as it was so beautiful.”

On this spoon I wanted to try something very precise again, and spent much time thinking about the design and drawing it up. It turned out differently to how I had imagined, but that’s what happens sometimes, you just have to adjust to what the wood is telling you. There were a few near misses where I nearly cracked the head and chipped the sides of the head, but we got through in one piece.

The head is also quite delicate and thin and I thought that I might chisel through it at any moment. My friend Thierry could tell you a thing or two about that! But that’s another story in itself.

IMAG8550 IMAG8551 IMAG8553 IMAG8555 IMAG8556 IMAG8557 IMAG8558 IMAG8559 IMAG8560 DSC_0273_B DSC_0265 DSC_0268

4 thoughts on “Spoon 36 of 52 – The Blini (Miniature Pancake) Flipper in Lappish Scot’s Pine

      • I’ve been by the fire all day. Currently chopping up some Alder and Wednesday, more Ash will be felled but I might take a sneaky piece of walnut or even black walnut. I’ll post the photos as soon as I get going.


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