Spoon 40 of 52 – The Double Fungus Spoon in Oak


I found a this branch of oak whilst on a walk with some friends. It looked fairly dry and had an interesting pattern in it. I’m pretty sure it is laden with rot, both white rot and black rot but I kept it as the rot looked so good. Who knows if the fungus will continue to ravage to wood…

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August Microadventure – A Wet Night in the Woods


After missing out on a July Microadventure, I almost did the same for August. Realising my mistake I took to the woods on the night of the 31st. Me and a couple of friends went for a walk, and after a while of chatting they retreated home. At this point I quickly got my sleeping bag and liner into my bivvy bag, as by now it was chucking it down. I have only got a summer sleeping bag at the moment, so knew it could potentially be a chilly one. To combat this I was wearing a lot of clothes, including thermals and a fleece or two.

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Spoon 39 of 52 – The Clove Spoon in Oak


I found this bit of oak in my living room, it was in the house when we moved in. I’m not sure which section of the tree it is from, or how old the tree was. But it is from the outer part of the trunk, so the youngest and softest part of that particular section of tree. Despite this, the wood is very strong, and even this thin little spoon is sturdy.

Oak is renound for its strength, and its latin name means exactly that: Quercus Robur – Quercus means Oak and robur Stength.

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Spoon 38 of 52 – The Curved Dessert Spoon in Cherry

Spoons Together

This is another bit of wood my Granddad gave me, along with a load of yew and ash. He turned up with a van full the other day. Since then he has been trying to get me into making some walking sticks… next project I think! I couldn’t make my mind up with the design on this one, and after a few failed sketches (one which I have included below) I ended up with something I liked. I took inspiration from a spoon I had seen in a spoon book of course. You can see it in one of the pictures, its the yellow spoon.

I wanted to include as much of the colour and veins on the top and bottom of the spoon as possible and went with the natural curve of the wood. I also tried some bevelled edges of the underside of the spoon which I don’t think I have done before. The wood worked beautifully and was hard, but workable, and a breath of fresh air after hacking away at the ash from last week.

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Spoon 37 of 52 – The Baby Spoon in Ash


This is my first time using ash, a native tree to Britain with an estimated 5% of woodland currently being ash. The wood is tough and is a natural shock absorber, because of this it is commonly used for tool and sport handles including: axes, hammers, hockey sticks and oars. It is also easily bent and used in the furniture industry and can be made into skis.

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July Microadventure – Well kind of…


In short, I somehow didn’t go on a microadventure in July. I feel like I did, but I cannot find any photo evidence of it, or have any memory of any kind of it. So, I conlcue that infact i didnt go on one. Dammit! Well I failed this yearly challenge somewhat. I have since been on ones in August and September… Both on the last day of the months.

In June and previous months I went on a couple of overnighters but didn’t post about them. So, shamelessly I will tell you about one of them on this post (to make me feel better about forgetting to go on one in July).

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