July Microadventure – Well kind of…


In short, I somehow didn’t go on a microadventure in July. I feel like I did, but I cannot find any photo evidence of it, or have any memory of any kind of it. So, I conlcue that infact i didnt go on one. Dammit! Well I failed this yearly challenge somewhat. I have since been on ones in August and September… Both on the last day of the months.

In June and previous months I went on a couple of overnighters but didn’t post about them. So, shamelessly I will tell you about one of them on this post (to make me feel better about forgetting to go on one in July).

The photos below are from an overnight trip I took in April with my German flatmate and two Finns whilst out in Finland. Three of us stayed in lean-to tents and the Deutschlander opted for just the sleeping bag. We were invited by a local friend of ours who we had met dumpster diving. Yeah, that’s right, whilst raiding the bins of a local supermarket we got chatting to a guy who was walking his dog and ended up getting on pretty well.

He invited us out on this night, to meet on the top of a rocky mound near a telephone mast – doesn’t sound too exotic, but the area was beautiful. I will let the photos do the talking. It was strangely windy for the usually calm Finland, and we sat in our smokey lean-to tents chatting about all manner of things, sipping on beers and eating fire cooked food. A perfect out night really.



IMG_8334 IMG_8336 IMG_8344

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