Spoon 38 of 52 – The Curved Dessert Spoon in Cherry

Spoons Together

This is another bit of wood my Granddad gave me, along with a load of yew and ash. He turned up with a van full the other day. Since then he has been trying to get me into making some walking sticks… next project I think! I couldn’t make my mind up with the design on this one, and after a few failed sketches (one which I have included below) I ended up with something I liked. I took inspiration from a spoon I had seen in a spoon book of course. You can see it in one of the pictures, its the yellow spoon.

I wanted to include as much of the colour and veins on the top and bottom of the spoon as possible and went with the natural curve of the wood. I also tried some bevelled edges of the underside of the spoon which I don’t think I have done before. The wood worked beautifully and was hard, but workable, and a breath of fresh air after hacking away at the ash from last week.

IMAG8574 IMAG8576

IMAG8577 IMAG8585 IMAG8586

IMAG8587 IMAG8588

IMAG8590 IMAG8613

DSC_0290 DSC_0295

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