August Microadventure – A Wet Night in the Woods


After missing out on a July Microadventure, I almost did the same for August. Realising my mistake I took to the woods on the night of the 31st. Me and a couple of friends went for a walk, and after a while of chatting they retreated home. At this point I quickly got my sleeping bag and liner into my bivvy bag, as by now it was chucking it down. I have only got a summer sleeping bag at the moment, so knew it could potentially be a chilly one. To combat this I was wearing a lot of clothes, including thermals and a fleece or two.

The rain was pattering all around me, the sound being amplified by the leaves of the surrounding oak trees and vegetation, a deer belched nearby and an owl hooted in the distance. I put my shoes and rucksack into a rubble bag and folded it up – hoping they would still be dry in the morning. I then slipped into my sleeping bag, pulled the bivvy bag over my head and closed the opening as tightly as possible. Falling asleep soon after.

I slept well, and woke up too hot and not particularly wet. I really thought it was going to be a miserably cold and wet night. I was awoken early, by the light creeping through the trees and the cacophony of bird song that surrounded me. I gathered my things and walked back home, a smile on my face.

IMAG8121 IMAG8125 IMAG8127 IMAG8131


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