Spoon 43 of 52 – The Table Spoon in Unknown Wood


I made this whilst showing some of my workmates the basics of spoon making. My first spooning session and I well impressed with the spoons they made – waayyy better than my first one. For this spoon I kind of cheated and to save time I drew around another spoon I made – Spoon 38. I made the handle slightly shorter and went for a very angular underside. I don’t know what type of wood it is, maybe some kind of spruce, pine or cedar. It was very soft though and so quick to work compared to the last few spoons in oak.

Unfortunately I don’t have any working photos of this spoon. Partly because of trying to help the others, getting right into the spoon zone and my phone running out of battery.
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Spoon 42 of 52 – The Mini Ladle in Green Oak


I helped to clear some oak branches a few weeks ago and noticed a crooked one which had a ladle written all over it. I used the natural bend in the branch to create the ladle shape. But, I am slightly frustrated as I have lost many of the photos I took of the carving process. But from the ones below you can see the progress from about half way. It started as a fresh branch, no bigger than the thickness of my wrist. Pretty risky as when this spoon dries it may well crack. But it worked well, and as the wood was still green it was soft compared to seasoned oak.

I went quite freestyle on this one, I still drew out a rough spoon shape, but wan’t too fussed in keeping it symmetrical and just went with the wood. The strength of the wood even at the thinnest part is ridiculous – oak is a wonderful material to work with.

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September Microadventure – A Last Minute One in the Woods


Following suit from the previous month’s night sleeping wild, I slept out on the last day of the month. I hastily stashed my things in my bag, grabbed some warm clothes and headed to the woods. I borrowed the infra-red camera from work – which we use for taking photos of wildlife – in the hope something might walk straight past me whilst I was sleeping – it didn’t. It was a clear night so I didn’t bother with a bivvi bag, and just took the sleeping bag, which I regret, as although calm, the slight breeze went straight through the side of the bag. Ignore the temperature it says on the photo, I am not sure what it was, but it certainly wasn’t 23 degrees!

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Spoon 41 of 52 – The Half Moon Pickled Onion Spoon in Oak


This is made from the same bit of oak that I made the Clove Spoon from. I knew this spoon was going to be challenging from the onset. You may have also noticed that it is not really a spoon. I ended up carving through the head, but rather than chucking it I thought it might work quite well as a pickled onion drainer – an essential kitchen appliance for every home, one that is so essential it has yet to hit the mass market. The wood was so hard and because of the design, quite tricky to complete.

I ended up changing the design in several ways, not including a little fancy bit on the end and making it shorter as I had cracked it. I am impressed with the strength of the wood, even with such thin sections.

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