October Microadventure – A Visitor from Finland

To Chris-20151010-13

For the first time in 3 months I actually managed to sleep wild before the last day of the month. This time I was accompanied by my friend Joose, a course mate from our Wilderness Guide training in Finland. We spent the day walking a relaxed 13 miles in the Surrey hills near to me. We walked slowly and took long breaks, looking at the views and sipping on beers. The pace was a surprise to me, as the Joose was renowned for an almost super human speed – earning him the nickname T1000, as we were unsure whether he was even human!

A work colleague also joined us for the night, losing his wild camping virginity. It was great to be sleeping outdoors again, especially with some friends. We sat around the campfire chatting, the conversation periodically fading as our gazes were persuaded into the flickering embers of the campfire.

IMAG8598 IMAG8610 To Chris-20151010-10 IMAG8609 IMAG8611

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