Spoon 46 of 52 – The Salt Spoon in Blackthorn


This spoon is made from Blackthorn, or Sloe as it is more commonly known.  My original plan was to make a massive scoop, but this failed on every front, cracking the whole way through and becoming completely unworkable. This spoon was made from the ‘offcuts’ I had split to make the scoop.

I made this spoon and another in one evening whilst half-heartedly watching films with my flatmates (it is almost impossible to focus on anything else when whittling). It was late in the week and I promised my girlfriend I would make a spoon for her Dad’s birthday, which was the following day. I actually managed to make two spoons which is fast for me, and my hands felt completely beaten afterwards.

The wood is simply incredible and the grain is laden with streaks of black, purple and red. As I was using ‘young’ wood from the outer section of the trunk it was relatively soft. It carved and finished much like oak, and a nice sheen was possible. I oiled it with sun flower oil for a change which worked just as well as linseed oil as far as I could tell. I cant wait to carve some more in this stuff. Again being small doesn’t seem to help speed, and actually makes the whittling process quite tricky.

IMAG8862 IMAG8882 IMAG8885 Spoons together IMG_9761 IMG_9763

3 thoughts on “Spoon 46 of 52 – The Salt Spoon in Blackthorn

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