Spoon 47 of 52 – The Whale Spoon in Blackthorn


This is the second spoon I made from Blackthorn the other night. I had a rough sketch, but mainly went with the flow of the wood with this one. I’ve called it the whale spoon because it reminds me of a whale for some reason. You can really see the blacks, purples and reds in this particular section of the blackthorn. The white section of the spoon is from the outermost part of the trunk, and much softer to work than the coloured parts of the spoon.

This wood has only been drying for a month of two outside so hopefully it wont crack as it starts to dry out even more. Oh, and this time I tried oiling with lemon oil. My guitar-mad flat mate had a little bit left over which he gave to me, it smells incredible and brought out the grain amazingly well.

IMAG8883 IMAG8887 IMAG8894 Together IMG_9798 IMG_9786 IMG_9796

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