Spoon 48 of 52 – The Soup Spoon in Spalted Unknown Wood


I found this bit of spalted wood in an abandoned sauna in Finland. I thought it was a dense bit of spruce or pine, but now don’t have a clue what it is. It worked more like Silver Birch and the colouration in the wood looks similar to some birch I have used before.

I wanted to try something different on this one, and used some spoon inspiration from instagram and followed a more traditional design. I haven’t sanded or oiled this spoon for a change. Although after taking the pictures I oiled it to protect the wood, and I might sand it in the future, but we will see.

IMAG8914 IMAG8916 IMAG8917 IMAG8927 IMAG8933 IMAG8939 IMAG8942

DSC_3374 DSC_3387 DSC_3379 DSC_3375 DSC_3394 Spoon 48 together

2 thoughts on “Spoon 48 of 52 – The Soup Spoon in Spalted Unknown Wood

    • Yeah, almost there! I’ve already finished 49, so will make the remaining 3 over the next few days. Yeah I might get in touch with a few once I have got some good photos together of all of them.


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