Spoon 49 of 52 – The Double Ended Leaf-like Spoon in Oak


This spoon is made from a bit of oak I found in my living room a few months ago. How it got there I do not know, but it did and now it is a spoon. I used my foldable saw to help with the roughing out of the spoon rather than doing it all with the axe for a change. Mainly because I didn’t have a chopping block to use.

It is ridiculously thin, the handle is bendy and it should probably be called the one use spoon as it will probably snap the first time someone uses it. It wasn’t too bad to carve even though there were some small tricky sections. I should have hollowed out the scoops at the start of the whittling process as it was bloody tricky with such a thin handle. 3 to go and only 2 days to make them!

All together spoon 49 IMG_9736 Above and below IMG_9748 IMG_9742IMG_9731

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