Spoon 52 of 52 – The Stirring Spoon from An Old Bench


Spoon 52! I made this spoon this morning, just about managing to finish my weekly challenge for 2015. I can’t quite believe I managed to keep it up for so long. I will do a round up of all the spoons and my thoughts about making them and what I have learnt in a separate post… Mainly because I am about to hop on a train and wanted to post this one before the end of the year.

Whilst making Spoon 50 and 51 a friend of mine paid me a visit, and made his very first spoon. I gave him a bit of wood I found in my mum’s shed, it looked like it once had a former life as a bench of some sort. I was impressed with the finish on the wood, it was black with age and looked as if it had been burnt. So I decided to use another bit of this bench to make my final spoon. A straight edged, un-assuming spoon.

That’s it folks! I need to think of something to do for next year now…

IMG_9802 IMG_9804 IMG_9842 IMG_9839 IMG_9847 IMG_9852 IMG_9843

6 thoughts on “Spoon 52 of 52 – The Stirring Spoon from An Old Bench

  1. Congratulations!
    I’ve enjoyed seeing all those spoons you’ve carved this year. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next year. Maybe bowls to go with those spoons?
    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at working with wood for quite some time and your project has only increased this. So I’ve now borrowed a book about wood carving at the library πŸ™‚
    Do you know of any resources (on or off line) that are great for beginners?

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