December Microadventure – In The Back Garden – And Yearly Round-Up


My December Microadventure was by far the least glamorous. It was nearing the end of the year, and rather than walking to a nearby field or wood, I, for some reason chose to sleep in the back garden of my family home. I guess all great adventures start with your friend’s in your garden when you’re a child, where you spend hours putting up your Dad’s mould encrusted tent, filling it with duvets and eventually falling asleep to ghost stories and gurgles from bellyfulls of sugary snacks you’d spent the previous week hording.

This time I had no tent, no friend and no sweets. I could have just stayed in my bed, but where is the fun in that? My mattress was replaced with a couple of patio furniture pillows on top of a roll mat, my duvet was replaced with a sleeping bag, my tent with a bivvy bag. But, even though slightly mad, I was looking forward to it.

The wind orchestrated a garden cacophony of clattering fences, whipping branches, rumbling bins and slapping bivvy bag fabric. I managed to somehow get broken sleep till around 7.30am, before emerging like a bleary eyed tortoise from it’s shell, clambering indoors. I was shattered so got into a real bed and slept like a log, appreciating the warmth and quiet that little bit more.

A Year of Microadventures

December marked the final monthly microadventure for 2015. This yearly challenge was an idea from a guy called Alastair Humphreys, here’s my post explaining the idea. It was a great way of forcing myself to try new things and get outdoors in a variety of places with friends new and old. I thoroughly encourage people to try it. I enjoyed all of them, but my favourite had to be the March Microadventure – Sleeping in a Russian Border Watchtower.

I have liked this challenge a lot so decided to continue sleeping wild once a month indefinitely, as long as I am physically able to.

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Microadventure calender.jpg

January – 24 Hour Ski Race and Track Side Camping


Febraury – Building and Sleeping in a Quinzhee (Snow Cave)


March – Sleeping in a Russian Border Watchtower


April – Constructing and Sleeping in a Wilderness Shelter


May – Sleeping on an Island


June – A Finnish Midsummer Island Adventure


July – Well Kind of…


August – A Wet Night in the Local Woods


September – A Last Minute One in the Woods


October – On Top of a Hill with a Visitor from Finland

To Chris-20151010-13

November – A Spontaneous one to Wales with the Sister







One thought on “December Microadventure – In The Back Garden – And Yearly Round-Up

  1. Microadventure is where it’s at! That’s the gospel I’m preaching, and I’m enjoying reading about yours! I’ll have to make some efforts to read some of your earlier posts, but I appreciate you doing a review here so I’ll have a good jumping off point.

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