A Brief Encounter with A Swimming Legend


About a month ago I went to the Adventure Travel Show and saw Sean Conway talk about his swim from Land’s End to John O’ Groats.

I thought it was a perfect opportunity to ask for some advice for my upcoming Thames Swim, so after his talk I popped down to the front to say hello. I asked if I could ask him a few quick questions. He shook my hand and said of course. He was shorter than I thought and had a pixie like face with small features and glinting eyes, which were surrounded by a wild thicket of ginger hair and a huge bushy beard, he listened attentively as I told him my plans. His response was positive and encouraging, and his main bits of advice were to eat everything, improve my stroke & train lots and start cold water training immediately – as the Thames water is 13 degrees, 2 degrees colder than the channel, brilliant!

I thanked him for his time, shook his hand and walked back to my seat smiling to myself. It was good to have some positive encouragement, rather than people saying you’re completely mad. So, some immediate things I needed to act on:

Cold Water Training – Helping my body get used to water temp of the Thames.
Swim Training – Improving my stroke, fitness and stamina
Eating Everything – To put on weight and to provide more insulation against the cold.

Updates to come.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Encounter with A Swimming Legend

  1. I will buy you a insulated wet suit if you need one, let me know

    I have shown all my friends about your run, one of whom made a catamaran and sailed it to Norway and has worked prospecting for oil all over the world, sometimes in very dangerous places. Several others who have ran 1 or 2 marathons . I can tell you they are impressed and I am very proud of you.


    Grumpy Grandad

    Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 10:27:49 +0000
    To: midormenorca@hotmail.com


    • 🙂 Thanks Granddad. Obv runs in the family. Will give you a call soon for a catchup. The catamaran trip to Norway sounds like a proper adventure!


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