What Does Adventure Mean to Me?

IMG_7222As part of a recent grant application I was asked to describe What Does Adventure Mean to You? Unfortunately my application was unsuccessful, but by answering the question it allowed me to express something I have often only thought about. So, here in a few paragraphs is my go at an explanation.

Adventure to me is a life choice, a state of mind, one where you choose to challenge yourself, scare yourself, try new things, make new friends, visit new places and get outdoors.

At a personal level the word adventure haunts my every being, I associate it with my greatest fear, a fear of getting old and regretting what I have not done, a fear of lying on my deathbed longing for a richer life. One where I chased adventure rather than money and memories rather than mortgages.

It is a medium in which you can do things that seem crazy in the modern world, where experiences are your friends, long distances underfoot are your meditations, and random encounters and acts of kindness are your lifeblood. They are pure moments devoid of modern day money worries about the bills you have to pay.

In its purest form it is a pining desire to return to a more primitive way. A yearning to be more connected with the world, the landscapes and its people. A deep primitive force that flows through me, begging my body to take a step off the beaten track and explore.

A question like this is so different for each individual, and I wonder what are the universal aspects of adventure that everyone can agree on…?

Most days I am thinking about my upcoming endurance challenge and in many respects it is scaring the hell out of me. But, this is one of the reasons I decided to do it. This post was going to be about what scares me, but I thought my feelings on adventure would act as a good start, before going into detail on my fears about swimming the Thames in a later post.