Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 04

BLOG POST – DAY 04 – 16.13.2016

Started: 09:45
Finished: 19:05
Swimming Time: Just over 6hrs
Daily Distance: 17.25km – 690 Lengths
Total distance: 50.25km – 2010 Lengths

Day 04 – Just gone Pink Hill Lock to Sandford Lock

A long old day. The longest I have ever swam. I’m shattered and about to sleep, so in a nutshell. – David helped out kayaking today, so 2 people on the water. – Lots of breaks as saw my mum, my auntie and cousins, 2 swimmers – katia and Craig, and friends. It was amazing to see everyone, and they did an amazing effort at rattling the donation tins on the bank and raising some money. – Swimming felt good, very achy afterwards. – Swam through Oxford, first major city. – The river is huge now. Like proper wide. I feel tiny in it… Only going to get bigger.
Thanks for all the support and sorry if I haven’t replied to messages. David, I will let you know tomorrow where we finish so you can plan where to meet us 🙂



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