Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 05

BLOG POST – DAY 05 – 17.13.2016

Started: 11:00
Finished: 19:50
Swimming Time: 6.5hrs
Daily Distance: 15.5km – 620 Lengths
Total distance: 66.25km – 2650 Lengths

Day 05 DONE! Sandford Lock to Clifton Bridge

I felt like a train had run over my back this morning, and putting the wetsuit on felt like it was literally piecing me back together.
Woke up late as my phone turned off in the night, so started late and it was a bloody long day. I felt like an old car. Struggled to get going, but once going was doing pretty well.. First three hours flew by. Here onwards it got tougher and the engine, although good was spluttering somewhat. I stuck it out and swam for 6.5 hours, I was much slower than yesterday and really feeling the 17km from the day before too. Finished at Clifton lock at 7.50, right at the campsite.
Our routine is getting slicker, but it still a long day. And after things are set up for the next day, we’ve eaten and showered etc we are basically in bed and ready for the next day… On that note, I’m off to sleep.

Thanks for all the support 🙂 we got some free sweets and loads of donations today from the riverbank.


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