Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 07

BLOG POST – DAY 07 – 19.13.2016

Started: 11:05
Finished: 16:15
Swimming Time: 4hrs
Daily Distance: 10km
Total Distance: 89.25km

Day 07 – Wallingford to Goring Lock

10:22 AM – Enroute to Wallingford. Feeling ok after last night’s sick episode. Got to bed early, woke up late and thought we would give today a go. Going to have another (relatively) easy day.
8:45 PM – After the sick episode yesterday I was actually relatively good all evening, didn’t feel quite right and wasn’t eating as much as usual, but wasn’t ill again.

With this in mind I went to bed early and didn’t set an alarm for the morning. I woke up refreshed and not ill, so decided to get in the water for a later start.

Physically I felt so much better today. Like I was in a new body. I think the rest and the massage last night worked wonders. It was the first rainy day, and the water was a little cooler.

My stroke rate was up and my pace was back to normal. Because of the late start we decided to have a shorter day and stop at Goring Lock.. the next suitable spot was 6km downstream and would take another 2.5 – 3 hours.

I was still struggling to eat the usual amount and I’m wondering whether I need to have larger variety of foods to eat, whilst in the water.

Overall a successful and positive day, which is always nice after such a tough one. We are a little behind schedule now, but will hopefully be able to get a 17km swim in tomorrow.

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