Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 08

BLOG POST – DAY 08 – 20.13.2016

Started: 09:30
Finished: 18:00
Swimming Time: 6hrs 15mins
Daily Distance: 16km
Total Distance: 105.25km

Day 08 – Goring Lock to Just Past Caversham Bridge

7.38 AM – Morning all! Goring lock to Caversham today, just outside Reading. Starting at 9.30 and finishing when we finish. Being joined by Luke on kayak today. Massive thanks to Dave for his help in the kayak the last few days. 🏊

22:03 AM – Managed to bash out 16km today. Felt good and strong and the body feels like it’s functioning again. It was a wet and windy day, and it was blowing the kayakers all over the place. Luke joined us today as kayaker no. 02. He had a bit of a wobble on when he got in and his first words went something along the lines of:

“It’s only a matter of time before I fall in”.

45 minutes later the inevitable happened – he fell in. Haha. He is the first kayaker to take a swim. Thanks for coming along though dude.

It’s quite a weird thing swimming for so long. Other than the breaks for food every 30 mins and a quick update with Josh, I’m submersed in my own little world. There’s not much to see really when your swimming, 3/4 of my time is spent face down in the water. The last few days I’ve been thinking about how I would describe the water colour. At the moment it’s much clearer and I haven’t come up for a name for its current state. I haven’t even come up with a name and I’ve been in it for 6 hours today, I don’t have a career in naming colours it seems. But before that it was proper brown and murky, I couldn’t see my hands. Dem ol river folk tol me they was puttin in an Archimedes screw up river, which were making it brown. Underwater it resembled a lovely golden shade of cow pat olive. These are the ramblings of a very tired person.

We picked up my girlfriend from Henley station this evenin, so nice to see her and have her around tomorrow. and she even cooked us all dinner 🙂 feeling ready for bed now.

And, we’ve made it over 100km!! Woohoo.

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