Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 09

BLOG POST – DAY 09 – 21.13.2016

Started: 10:00
Finished: 18:55
Swimming Time: 6hrs 10(ish)mins
Daily Distance: 16km – 640 Lengths
Total Distance: 121.25km – 4850 Lengths

Day 09 – Just Past Caversham Bridge Remenham

 7:52 AM – Morning y’all. Aiming to swim 17.5km from just past Caversham bridge to Renemham today. Let’s do this!!
9:05 AM – Enroute to the river 🙂 if you’re in reading or Henley keep an eye out for a swimmer and kayaker 🏊 🚣 forehead tan is coming along nicely.
10:20 PM – Another longer day under the belt. Plodded it out, and swam through a beautiful section of the river. Loads of incredible houses and boats on this section of the river. Feeling good again today, and my pace seems to be back on track. I was joined by my mum, Catharine and my girlfriend who were awesome as cheering me on and getting some donations in.

Few firsts today.

– First cup of tea given to me and crew from a boat – awesome!
– First cake(lemon drizzle) given to me and crew from a boat – amazing!

Also loads of donations from the bank and from boats passing by. It means a huge amount and helps to keep me going, knowing that money is being raised for good causes.

Please consider donating using the links above, we have now raised £1200 which is awesome, but aiming to raise £5000.

Thanks everyone 🙂 


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