Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 11

BLOG POST – DAY 11 – 23.13.2016

Started: 09:45
Finished: 19:15
Swimming Time: 6hrs 30mins
Daily Distance: 16km – 640 Lengths
Total Distance: 154.05km – 6162 Lengths

Day 11 –  Cookham to Datchet

9:02 AM – Morrrrnnnning! Day 11 today. Aiming to swim 16km / 10miles from The Ferry at Cookham to Datchet. The sun is out!! Looks like it’s gunna be a scorcher 🌞

21:19 PM – Day 11 done! Loong day! Lots of locks, and busy on the water today. Lots of little stops and nice chats with passers by and donations coming in. 2 guys who passed us by boat yesterday swam up to me us earlier on in the day which was a nice surprise.

It was a scorcher, but the water temp felt cooler like the last few days, but warmed up by early afternoon. Body seems to be getting used to swimming and I’ve found a good rhythm.

Just got back to the campsite, going to have a stir fry and then an early night I think.. and maybe a beer.

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