Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 12

BLOG POST – DAY 12 – 24.13.2016

Started: 9.45
Ended: 19.00
Swim Time: 6hrs 05mins
Distance: 15.3km – 612 Lengths
Total: 167.35km – 6694 Lengths

Day 12 –  Datchet to Chertsey

7:59 AM – Morning everyone! Datchet to Chertsey Lock / Bridge or Docket eddy.. let’s see how we get on. Another scorcher Also going through beautiful Staines.

If anyone is free over the next few days and they fancy helping it would be great to get some people fund raising on the river side. Let us know 🙂

7:55 PM – Day 12 . Can’t quite believe I’m here and still swimming. Actually feel good and each morning during the first 3-4 hrs its (relatively) blissful swimming, and I often find myself thinking I could do this forever. Haha, this soon changes.. Usually within the last hour it feels like I have flailing hotdog sausages for arms and I’m swimming through treacle, that’s flowing the opposite way. But, and other than general fatigue, my body feels good. One thing someone said to me was “enjoy it”, and I often think of this, especially during the final 30 minutes.

Lechlade feels like a lifetime ago. I’m edging my way closer to Putney.. We went over the 100 mile mark today! Will be finishing near to Teddington Lock tomorrow, and then tackling the tidal section of the Thames.

If all goes to plan I’ll arrive at Putney Bridge sometime on Saturday. We will plan the route later and give better timings if you fancy coming down and seeing me and Josh finish.

Massage, food, beer, sleep. That’s the agenda tonight.

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