Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 13

BLOG POST – DAY 13 – 25.13.2016

Started: 10:15
Ended: 19:45
Swim Time: 6hrs 30mins
Distance: 16.5km – 660 Lengths
Total: 185.85km – 7434 Lengths

Day 13 –  Chertsey to Kingston Bridge

The river is getting properly built up now, with suburbs and city lining much of banks. We ended it Kingston and it feels like London now. We are so close I can almost taste the finish, that sweet sewagey Thames water finish. To be fair, I’ve been well impressed with the water quality so far, it is really clear. Also great to see so many people paddling and swimming.

Another long swimming day interjected with nice chats with people from pubs, boats and locks. Loads more donations and cheers of encouragement which is awesome. There’s been a few boats which we’ve seen numerous times… They overtake us and moor up or queue for a lock and we then over take them a few hours later. The support from the river has been phenomenal, thanks boaty people! Also, Josh thinks we got a donation from Jeremy Paxman… Could just be a look alike.

2 more days to go. Both slightly shorter at 7 miles a piece. Entering the tidal section of the Thames tomorrow which should be fun.

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