Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 14

BLOG POST – DAY 14 – 26.13.2016

Started: 09:55
Ended: 16:00
Swim Time: 4hrs (ish)
Distance: 11.5km – 460 Lengths
Total: 197.35km – 7894 Lengths

Day 14 –  Kingston Bridge to Kew Bridge

8:08 AM – PENULTIMATE DAY! Kingston Bridge to Kew bridge today. Around 8.5 miles. Another beautiful morning.. this is a shot our the beautiful caravan we’ve been lent for the trip 🙂

4:45 PM – Day 14 done!! THAT FOREHEAD TAN!! I would say that’s worth a donation in itself.

Almost at £1200 online with around another £1000 from riverside donations! Which is amazing thank you so much. If you haven’t already please consider donating some pennies, pounds or notes towards Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Helen & Douglas House

Today i swam 11.5 km from Kingston Bridge to Kew Bridge. I’ve swam almost 200km now. Shorter day than usual and early finish. From Richmond the river was tidal and it carried me at the speed of my usual swimming and we flew by. Having a celebratory beer. Not far now. Was also joined by Fay who did a sterling job at collecting donations.

1 more day.


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