Swimming the Thames – Daily Diary Entry – Day 15


BLOG POST – DAY 15 – 27.13.2016

Started: 10:40
Ended: 13:27
Swim Time: 2hrs 15mins(ish)
Distance: 8.9km – 356 Lengths
Total: 206.25km – 8250 Lengths

Day 15 –  Kew Bridge to Putney Bridge

And that’s that!! We made it! Was carried by the tide and flew down the river today. Touched the bridge. 137 miles in 15 days. Feels good to be here and on dry land.

There’s so many people to thank, but first I need to do a massive shout out to Josh my kayaker and my Dad. Who I wouldn’t have been able to do this without. Thanks so much. Thanks to all the people who cheered us on and donated online and from the riverside.

Thanks to the sponsors of the trip who kindly sponsored food and kit. Shout outs to:

Meridian Foods for all the peanut butter a man could dream of.
Speedo UK for the wetsuit, cap and goggles
dryrobe For the amazing dryrobe
YB Tracking for free use of their tracking device
HIGH5 Sports Nutrition for the energy gels and bars and large discount
preventsportpain.com in Brackley for all the tubes of wetsuit lube by 2Toms UK
OverBoard – Waterproof Bags for the discount on their waterproof bags
b2B Graphics for the car signage



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