Suunto Spartan Ultra – GPS Watch – Review 01 – Unboxing and First Thoughts


For the month of September I am testing the new Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS watch (RRP £599). I will review the watch in four stages. In this post I will introduce the watch and discuss my first impressions.  I will go into more detail on later posts about the menus and my favourite functions.


  • Battery life up to 26h in training mode
  • Titanium 5 / steel bezel, sapphire glass
  • Outdoor-grade color touch screen
  • Barometric altitude, 100 m water resistance
  • GPS/GLONASS route navigation
  • Sport expertise and support for over 80 sports with racing and interval use
  • Training insights and community powered progress tools in Suunto Movescount

First Impressions of the watch are really good, and never having owned a GPS watch before I have found it super easy to set up and use – basically turn it on, charge it, and off you go. You can quickly record your activities with just a few clicks of the buttons or swipes of the screen.

I have used it for outdoor swimming, running and cycling with the HR monitor and the watch find a signal quickly and records accurately. The watch is quite large, but the design is minimal, and looks good on the wrist, you could get away with wearing it as a day to day timepiece. It is easy to connect it to your personal Movescount account, and each time you connect the watch it automatically loads all the activities.

It can also link to your smart phone (android update coming out soon), and you will be able to answer calls from the watch.

The Spartan has been released recently, and I get the impression that Suunto are taking the watches development seriously by listening to testers and users, and as such there have already been 2 software updates, refining the watches features.  See the software releases and upcoming updates here.

I will continue to use it over the coming weeks and give a more thorough review of its other features.

Contents: Watch, USB Charging Cable, Heart Rate Monitor, Quick Guide and Warranty

imag9884 imag9886
imag9887 imag9888


Close Up – First impressions are it’s a pretty slick looking watch


You can use the touch screen to navigate the menus, or the buttons.


Heart Rate Monitor


How far have I gone?


Also offers a good view into the canopy above.


Running mode – Average speed top left, HR top right, Distance in the middle and time at the bottom.


Cycling – Overview stats after finishing a ride.


Recording my friends swim down Lake Windermere from the boat



4 thoughts on “Suunto Spartan Ultra – GPS Watch – Review 01 – Unboxing and First Thoughts

    • I assumed it was released in September, but I think it was actually July. Battery life so far has been good, annoyingly I forgot to check percentages, but it easily did 10.5hrs swimming on best accuracy GPS, and I’m pretty sure a good chunk of the battery was left. Sorry can’t be more precise on that one.

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