Cycling from England to Finland

26.04.19 – 14.05.19

Distance: 1704km /1059miles

Duration: 18 days

Nights in bed: 7 – I used the websites warmshowers and couchsurfing to arrange a place to sleep for free. A huge thank you to everyone I stayed with, it was amazing staying with locals and taking a glimpse into their lives and their countries. Warm Showers was so much easier to use than couchsurfing, as people often leave contact information, so you can call or message directly. You have no message limits on warm Showers, whereas you can only contact 10 people a week on couch surfing.

Nights Camping: 10

Cost: Around €220 (There were a few days that I didn’t record my spending, so this is a roughly accurate calculation, I think most of the spending was on ice cream). €120 of that was on ferries. So on average €5.5 a day if you don’t include ferries and €12.2 if you do.

Injuries: Sore butt and sore neck

Earlier in the year I cycled 1704km /1059miles from my hometown of Brackley to Helsinki via The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. I was back home visiting family and friends in April, and decided I would cycle back to Finland. I left on the 26th April in the hope of getting to Helsinki by the 15th of May – in time to start my summer contract. I have included my daily instagram posts below to help tell the story, but overall – other than a sore butt (expected), sore neck and 2 punctures – all went smoothly.


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