19 Things About Finland You May Not Know

Finnish Flag

After living in Finland for close to 5 months I am starting to become familiar with the ways of the land and their customs. Here is a list of things uniquely Finnish.

1. Saunas

The Finns love a sauna. It is said that there are 3.3 million saunas to its 5.3 million inhabitants. A beer in the sauna after work is a nightly ritual for many, for others it may be a weekly occasion. Location dependent, a trip to the sauna also means several refreshing skinny dips in the lake, even in winter. They also have sauna boats, which you can hire for the night and cruise around the lakes with your friends. Sauna competitions used to be held in Heinola, Finland. But after the death of one finalist and near-death of another during the 2010 championship, the organizers announced that they would not hold another event.

2. Coffee

The Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers per capita in the world! Drinking a whopping 12kg per person per year! One guy I have recently worked with drinks on average around 30 cups of coffee on a day. But, after working with him for 3 weeks I managed to get him to drink a couple of cups of tea as well.

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