Spoon 18 of 52 – The Rain Drop Shaped Spoon in Spruce


More of a small bowl than a spoon really. There’s a big crack running through the side of it, I didn’t think it would go so deep, it’s a bit fragile because of this. (You can see the black line on the inside). There was also a small weird knot on the back, at least I thought it was a knot, it seemed soft so I poked the tip of my knife and out came a weird bug of some sort, wiggling on the end! Freeaky! Poor guy, entered and then left the world with a knife through his head. He had probably been waiting for ages.

Annnd I’m back on track spoon wise.

Spoon 17 of 52 – The Japanese Sushi Server in Juniper

option 8

Found a branch of juniper cut down whilst hiking past a nearby farm a few weeks ago. Juniper is a protected species in Finland and quite rare compared to the other dominant species, so pretty chuffed I found it.

This spoon was inspired by similar designs I have seen on the internet recently and thought I’d try one myself. Still takes me ages to make them, if I were a spoon maker a would be broke! Still managed to make all of them so far with just hand tools, so might try to continue doing that for the rest of the year. Still a week behind but will hopefully finish this weeks spoon over the next few days to catch up.

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Spoon 16 of 52 – The Stew Stirer in Grey Alder


Yep still a week behind… Oops. Quite a tricky bit of wood to work this one, not sure why, the grain wasn’t that hard, but was slicing funny at times. Tried some flat bevels on the back which turned out alright. Grain came out a treat after an oil. The skin on my left thumb is like an alligators back now after all this whittling!

Spoon 15 of 52 – The Spikey Ice Scraper Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

Spoon 15

This is last week’s spoon, I am falling behind schedule! Again in silver birch heart wood – seem to have quite a lot of that hanging around and it’s lovely to work with. A sharp, spikey spoon that doesn’t really fit in your mouth, is an urgonomical disaster and culinary-wise not much use for anything. On the upside, you can use it to de-ice your car window and as self-protection against vampires.

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