Spoon 28 of 52 – The Right Handed Wavy One in Grey Alder


I’m still a few weeks behind but finished this curvy one last week. A Frenchman named Thierry chose this bit of wood for me… He picked it up from a log pile and said ‘this will make a good spoon’ – at the time I wasn’t that interested but took the wood anyway out of politeness.

The curve in the wood was barely changed, that’s what it was like after being split. Glad I kept it as it turned out much better than I could have imagined. Beautiful bit of wood and makes a nice change going with the ebb and flow of the wood. There was a┬ánervy moment where the wood split, but I managed to work around this.

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Spoon 16 of 52 – The Stew Stirer in Grey Alder


Yep still a week behind… Oops. Quite a tricky bit of wood to work this one, not sure why, the grain wasn’t that hard, but was slicing funny at times. Tried some flat bevels on the back which turned out alright. Grain came out a treat after an oil. The skin on my left thumb is like an alligators back now after all this whittling!

Spoon 11 of 52 – The Left Handed Fishfood Feeder in Grey Alder

Spoon 11 of 52

This is last week’s spoon, finished it in the early hours last night. Just went with the wood on this one and a left handed spoon emerged. First attempt at leaving the bark on and quite like the result. The alder has a lovely orange tinge to it and is really light to hold.

Can’t believe it’s the 11th week of the year already!! They’re bloody flying by!