2 Years Ago Today – First Spoon of 52

2 years ago today I had just completed my first wooden spoon of the year. It was the start of a slightly bonkers challenge for 2015 where I decided to carve a spoon, using only hand tools, for each week of the year. I completed the challenge and ended up giving a handful away, keeping my favourites, and selling about 35 of them – donating half of the money towards the charities I supported whilst swimming the Thames. To see all the spoons take a look here.

So, if you bought one of the spoons, or gave it to someone as a present it is about time it needs an oil. What if I don’t have any special oil I hear you ask? Not a problem, just use regular sunflower oil. Apply it to some paper or a cloth and wipe onto the spoon. This will keep the wood nice and supple and stop it from drying out. Don’t use olive oil though, it will make it smelly.

And don’t oil if you bought:
Spoon 23 – The Paella Server (Just oil the unpatterned side) – Anna Hobbiss
Spoon 34 – The Egg and Spoon Race Spoon (Just oil the spoon bowl) – Antony Joury

Also, I would love to see some pictures of the spoons in use, or wherever they may live now  Happy Spooning!


52 Spoons – Making a Spoon for Each Week of 2015 – Project Round up

looking up dark to white

A few weeks ago I completed my New Year’s Resolution for 2015 – to make a spoon for each week of the year. This was by far the best new year’s resolution I had ever done. I can’t even remember any of the previous ones.

I had carved around 3-4 spoons before starting this project, so I knew the basics, but I was still a novice. I made all the spoons using hand tools only – an axe, a carving knife, a hook knife, some chisels, sand paper and oils. I did this because I wanted to improve my knife skills and wood working ability, it meant I could work on the project wherever I was and partly because I didn’t have access to any machinery or power tools.

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Spoon 31 of 52 – The Cinnamon Spoon in Finnish Juniper

Spoon 31I couldn’t think of a name for this one, so decided to go with the Cinnamon Spoon. This was made over a few evenings last week. I was going to make one in Apple but it was so hard I decided to leave it for another day when I had more time. This juniper felt like butter compared to the Apple and came together quickly. I have already used some of this juniper for Spoon 17 – The Japanese Sushi Server in Juniper (I have later realised that they don’t use spoons in sushi).

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Spoon 20 of 52 – The Wiggly One in Juniper

I think this is the first spoon spoon I have made this year that you can actually use as a normal spoon! Rotate it 90 degrees and there’s a big grumpy face in the head. I rushed this one and because of this the carving process was a bit stressful – but it turned out ok, even though I wanted to snap it several times.

Spoon 17 of 52 – The Japanese Sushi Server in Juniper

option 8

Found a branch of juniper cut down whilst hiking past a nearby farm a few weeks ago. Juniper is a protected species in Finland and quite rare compared to the other dominant species, so pretty chuffed I found it.

This spoon was inspired by similar designs I have seen on the internet recently and thought I’d try one myself. Still takes me ages to make them, if I were a spoon maker a would be broke! Still managed to make all of them so far with just hand tools, so might try to continue doing that for the rest of the year. Still a week behind but will hopefully finish this weeks spoon over the next few days to catch up.

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Spoon 8 of 52 – The Little Love Ladel in Juniper


My roommate was given a lovely bit of juniper from Turkka Aaltonen (the Finnish equivalent of Ray Mears) after a week learning bushcraft skills with him. He told us that if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, simply put a branch of juniper on the fire when she is with you. And the beautiful aromas released from the wood will make her fall for you. I used some of this magic wood for this little spoon.

So maybe, if you use this spoon for making a cup of tea, it might just have the same effect on the drinker. Just be careful who you make the tea for!