Spoon 48 of 52 – The Soup Spoon in Spalted Unknown Wood


I found this bit of spalted wood in an abandoned sauna in Finland. I thought it was a dense bit of spruce or pine, but now don’t have a clue what it is. It worked more like Silver Birch and the colouration in the wood looks similar to some birch I have used before.

I wanted to try something different on this one, and used some spoon inspiration from instagram and followed a more traditional design. I haven’t sanded or oiled this spoon for a change. Although after taking the pictures I oiled it to protect the wood, and I might sand it in the future, but we will see.

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Spoon 29 of 52 – The Soup Stirer in Silver Birch

IMAG7942Stilllll a few weeks behind. I found this bit of wood in an abandoned sauna’s log store in Finland. It was as hard as hell and nice and dry. So I picked it up and it has been on my shelf since then. It was a pain to carve as there were a lot of knots in the top. It also took way longer than I thought it would – I think because it was quite a chunky design.

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Spoon 27 of 52 – The Ice Cream Scoop in Silver Birch

IMG_9684_2 I’m 3 weeks behind on my spoons but managed to get this one finished yesterday. It’s made from silver birch heart wood and is bloody hard. Lovely to carve. Oiled it in tong oil for a change, but didn’t like it as it’s sticky! Continue reading

Spoon 26 of 52 – The Estonian Midsummer Spoon in Silver Birch

Spoon 26

I have slipped into old ways and I am a week behind with my spooning. I actually got this bit of wood from the Tiido family, who I stayed with in Parno in Estonia. They kindly put me up whilst I was hitchhiking back from Finland to London two weeks ago, I’m not sure I would trust a hairy smelly hitchhiker like myself.

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Spoon 24 of 52 – The Kuksa Spoon in Silver Birch Burl – PART 1

Nimetön-2Okay, so it’s a cup. But, this has been an ongoing project and I wanted to include it in the 52 spoons project. A cup is basically a big spoon anyway. This project has been sat on the shelf for months before I finished it a few days ago. I am not going to go into too much detail with this one as I am tight on time, and want to show the process from start to end – which I will do in another post.

It’s been a real challenge and the skin on my hands is like an old boot after working this. This is a special piece of wood, from a special part of the tree – the burl. And the story of how this wood came into my life will also be explained in the next post. So in true illusive fashion I am only showing these dark photos I took of the cup a few nights ago.


Spoon 23 of 52 – The Paella Server in Silver Birch

Spoon 23 - The paella spoon in silver birch This spoon was sourced and made on a recent study trip to Junfruskär island, a national park located in the archipelago to the south-west of Finland. Our class has a yearly agreement with the park, and for 3 half days of work we can stay on the island for free. When we were not working we spent the rest of the time exploring the island studying the bird and plant life, preparing for the upcoming exams. Continue reading

Spoon 19 of 52 – The Mushroom Shaped Spoon in Silver Birch



This little one was a real challenge to make. What is it used for? Maybe a tea ceremony? Who knows. It was hard to visualise and know where to start. I first roughly carved a block of wood into an oblong shape, and from here, I smoothed one edge, drew on the design and carved the shape in one plane. I then rotated the wood 90 degrees and did the other plane. This gave a kind of square spoon with a point. I then rounded it to the final shape and took out of much of the inside of the cap, to form the spoon head. The handle was becoming so delicate towards the end I thought I was going to snap it!

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Spoon 15 of 52 – The Spikey Ice Scraper Spoon in Silver Birch Heart Wood

Spoon 15

This is last week’s spoon, I am falling behind schedule! Again in silver birch heart wood – seem to have quite a lot of that hanging around and it’s lovely to work with. A sharp, spikey spoon that doesn’t really fit in your mouth, is an urgonomical disaster and culinary-wise not much use for anything. On the upside, you can use it to de-ice your car window and as self-protection against vampires.

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Spoon 13 of 52 – The ‘Looks Like a Leaf’ Scoop in Silver Birch Heart Wood

Spoon 13

This is birch heart wood, not aspen as I thought so in some previous spoons. Heart wood is the lower portion of the tree – the oldest and hardest part. Often looks quite different to other sections of the tree, and in Silver birch it has a lovely shimmer to it. Usually tough stuff to carve, but after working on the kuksa for several weeks this felt like butter (well, almost).

Tried the furrowed effect on the inside of the spoon again. Aaaand, wait for it, it’s the perfect size for holding a lemon! Pretty handy I know…