Spoon 11 of 52 – The Left Handed Fishfood Feeder in Grey Alder

Spoon 11 of 52

This is last week’s spoon, finished it in the early hours last night. Just went with the wood on this one and a left handed spoon emerged. First attempt at leaving the bark on and quite like the result. The alder has a lovely orange tinge to it and is really light to hold.

Can’t believe it’s the 11th week of the year already!! They’re bloody flying by!

Spoon 10 of 52 – The Sand Scoop in Silver Birch.


Spoon 10! Finished this last Sunday at approximately 11.46pm. During this week I was doing practical training as an assistant guide for mid to long distance skiing tours in eastern Finland.

So, this meant having to tactically whittle away just before bed, catching the shavings on my sleeping bag so I wouldn’t mess up the rooms. It was a busy week and I only just managed to make it. Nice bit of linseed oil brought her up a treat, but not sure how useful a scoop of this kind would actually be…